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Labrador Colors:  Writing Rules for a polygenic trait.

GenScope File:

Start GenScope and open the Labrador species file. (Note: You may start GenScope and then use the File: New Species menu selection to open the Labrador species file, OR simply drag and drop the Labrador file onto the GenScope application program).

Produce a new organism. In this case, it will be a Labrador retriever dog. Alter the alleles, using the chromosome tool, and watch the changes in the dog. Then fill out the second column of the chart below.

Alleles Color General Rule
EE BB    
Ee BB   Black =
EE Bb    
Ee Bb    
EE bb   Chocolate =
Ee bb    
ee BB   Yellow =
ee Bb    
ee bb    

By examining your data very carefully, try to derive general rules for color inheritance in Labradors and write them in the "General Rule" column above.

To derive a general rule, use this instance from dragons as an example: Horns H _, where H_ can stand for HH or Hh. Similarly, dragon color can be written as:

Now, using the data you collected from the Labrador Retrievers, derive the rules for color in the same way that you did for dragon color.

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