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A Horns Activity:  Taking Data:  Understanding how to take data that will generate ratios and statistics

GenScope File:

1.       Start GenScope and open the Horns Experiment organism file.

Note that you may double click on the Horns Experiment file from the Finder - this will start GenScope and open the file. You can also start GenScope by double-clicking on the application program and then use the File, Open File menu selection to open the Horns Experiment file from within GenScope

2.      GenScope will come up with two dragons, a male and a female, in a pedigree window set to show the "Horns" trait. In other words, in this window, dragons with horns are open circles or squares (circles for females, squares for males) and hornless dragons are closed (black) circles and squares. (If you want to see what your dragons look like, use the magnifying glass.) Both of your dragons have horns, so the circle and the square are both open (white).


3.      Use the cross tool (it looks like a "multiplication sign") to breed your two dragons. This cross will result in a great big family of dragon children (offspring).

4.       Count how many of these have horns and how many don't, then enter your data below:

Number of horned offspring: _____________
Number of hornless offspring: _____________
Total number of offspring: _____________  
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