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October 1, 1998    9  :  0 2   A.M.    @ Concord Consortium

Looking Back....

How did we get to this point? ... that is, starting to teach teachers how to use GenScope. Funny you should ask.

Six years ago we started the GenScope project ( We took it into classrooms from the beginning, testing it with kids every step of the way. We made changes in response to problems that kids had understanding the concepts, their misconceptions which needed to be cleared up and teachers' wishes for a more friendly interface.

Eventually we found that teachers first had to know the software in order to be able to use it efficiently in the classroom. The NSF (National Science Foundation) awarded us a grant offically called Professional Development and the Use of Computer-Based Manipulatives for Science Teaching to teach teachers how to do this. We wrote a curriculum based on problem solving, providing increasingly difficult problems to the user. We proceeded from there, revising as we went along.

GS students
Another GS Student

Computers have changed the classroom. They haven't replaced teachers, books or anything else. What they have done is provide a tool that allows teachers to change the way they teach. Technology adds an extra dimension to teaching. We hope that teachers came away from the workshops with a new approach to teaching which will help engage kids even more.

I hope you read my seven brief Log Entries from our 1998 summer workshops.

I also gathered some curriculum activities - see how GenScope has added an extra dimension for our fellow teachers in their classroom....use them in yours!

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