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July 9, 1998    5  :  12   P.M.     EDCO sponsored workshop, @ Acton-Boxborough High School, MA
Joyce and Charlie

Population unleashed

This was my first visit to A-B. A really nice facility. Two computer labs next to each other, one connected to the Net. This was a big workshop- - 19 people, mostly from suburban schools. Another good group. I really was glad that Charlie, Steve and Dawn were there to help out for this one. It's hard to split yourself into 19 pieces to help each person when they get into a jam.

This group produced the first population study we've seen. The population level has just become available for use in the classroom. It was great to have some of the teachers exploring ways to use it.

Sickle Cell screen

Sample screen from the Sickle Cell activity

One team of teachers took a classic genetics problem and made it into a dragon puzzle called What is a Test Cross? Nice! It works on several levels. Another group developed a problem that explores human inheritance patterns in Sickle Cell. A third asked students to relate information they gather from their own family members to pedigrees they create using Imagine If ..., another GenScope activity. Boy, the creativity of the teachers in these workshops is always amazing.

Off to New York !