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Submitted by Don Buckley & Joe Pedro, Tri-County H.S. Franklin, MA

This activity is intended to be used as part of a unit on human blood types. It is assumed that the genetics of inheritance has been discussed prior to this.

Teacher Preparation:

Using the names of the students in the class, make males and females to match and put them in the pedigree window. The genotypes of the males should be identical except for their blood type and one other non-disease trait. Select a pair of students and produce a baby. Open the organism window and drag the mother, father and baby into it. Put the father back into the pedigree window.


The following scenario should be presented to the class:

A student in the class gets pregnant and has a baby, claiming that someone in the class is the father. As the investigator, it is your job to determine which (if any) of the students (based on the genes for blood type) could be the father.


Example: Written explanation, Punnett squares or pedigree charts.

Going Further:

Have students examine the genotypes of possible fathers and compare that to the mother and baby to determine the actual father of the child.

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