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Submitted by Anonymous

Teacher Note: Place the students in pairs in front of the computers.

  1. Open GenScope, using the Human species.
  2. Create a male and a female.
  3. Using the chromosome tool give the male type O blood and the female type AB.
  4. Click on the population button.
  5. Change 25 new organisms to 0.
  6. Click and drag the two humans you created onto the blank population screen.
  7. Click on Options on the menu bar and select population options.


  1. Click O.K.
  2. Predict what you think will occur after one generation...two generations....8.
  3. Click on start to run the simulation.
  4. Record the progress of the simulation as it runs. Press stop at any time and start again.
  5. Stop the simulation after 8 generations.
  6. Compare and contrast your results with the other groups in the class. Were they the same? Why or why not?

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