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A Horns Activity: Group Discussion:  From the head to the mouth

GenScope Materials: Horns Experiment Data

In the Horns Experiment, you mated two dragons and gave them 40 children. You wanted to see what the children would look like. Both the parents had horns, but no wings. The mother had four legs, the father had none. The question was: will the kids look like their parents?

When you looked at horns, wings, and legs, each of you produced a slightly different pedigree, but everyone saw something like this:

Most of the children had horns.

Only a few of the children had wings.

All of the children had two legs.

So, to sum up:

1.       In the case of horns and wings, most of the children looked like their parents, but a few (about a quarter of them) didn't.

2.       In the case of legs, none of the children looked like their parents.

What's going on here???

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