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A Horns Activity:  Making Predictions:  Learning how to make intelligent guesses

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In the Horns Experiment, you made forty babies! That's a BIG family! You started with a Mom and Dad who both had horns. You noticed that most of their babies had horns, just like their parents, but some of them (approximately one quarter) were hornless.

Today, you will make some predictions about the babies from these very same parents OFF THE COMPUTER. Then you will use GenScope to check your predictions about the outcomes. Don't worry if your predictions do not come true -that's part of the fun of science!

Just to remind you, here's what the parent dragons look like:


1.       Note that neither one of the parents has wings. What do you think the babies will look like?  Select one answer and make a check mark next to it.

___ None of the babies will have wings.

___ A few (fewer than half) of the babies will have wings.

___ Most of the babies will have wings.

___ All of the babies will have wings.

2.       The mother dragon has four legs; the father has none. What do you think the babies will have? Just write the answer below in your own words. Try to explain why you think so.

3.      Now double-click on the Horns Experiment file and check out your predictions! If your prediction does not come true, think about the question again -- what did you learn by checking your work on GenScope ?

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