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School Support

More than testing and development within our own organization, the chance to work in real live classrooms (in real time!) has been an invaluable source of learning for us as designers of instructional media and developers of educational technologies. Work in the school community has been a large part of the ongoing formative research process.

Therefore, we thank the following teachers, their students and their administrators. They are the hardy pioneers who first ventured out with us and our untamed software. From the beginning, they have been an integral part of the testing and development process. We appreciate their enthusiasm and support.

  • Steve Roderick - Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School
  • Tom Danko - Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School
  • Al Bird - Boston High School
  • Pam McDonnell- Boston High School
  • Charlie Hayes - Boston High School
  • Ernest Coakley - Jeremiah Burke High School
  • Karen Spaulding - Morse School
  • Dawn Martell - Wilmington High School

Electronic Graphics

Valerie Smith - GTE Internetworking

Administrative Assistance

Janis Cruz
Cristine Rivera

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