GenScope is no longer maintained or supported.
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IMPORTANT NOTICE: A modern version of Genscope is included with our Pedagogica Explorer software that works with Mac OS X and Windows, available from our software download center.

Want to experience GenScope? Here are some ways to get a closer look:
GenScope 1.1
GS disk image Download a free copy of GenScope. This is a complete copy of GenScope. For the past few months we've made available only a demo copy which does not save files or print. This new version does both and contains (1) a copy of GenScope version 1.1, (2) the Dragon species file, (3) an organism file called "Evolution" and (4) a Read Me file.

You can choose to fill out a brief survey that would allow us to inform you of updates and let you participate in the community of GenScope users. You can also choose to skip the survey and download the copy immediately.

Download a PDF hard copy tour
If you are unfamiliar with our software or simply want to learn the basics before downloading a version of Genscope, a PDF (Portable Document Format) file is available for you to download.
[ Obtain Tour: 28 pages / 1.8 MB ]

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Need the free Adobe Reader to read a PDF file on your computer? Their software is located at

GS Interface: Meiosis

Try out these activities
You've downloaded GenScope, or are planning to, and you're wondering what you can do with it ...

Or perhaps you're a long-time GenScope afficionado and are looking for new activity ideas ...

Look no further.

The GenScope Development Team has written and tested a whole batch of new activities. We've put up two versions of each activity, a student copy and an annotated teacher's copy. The order of activities is helpful for GenScope newcomers. Activities begin with introductory exercises and become increasingly complex.

We also provide links to organism files tailored to the specific activities. If you wish to create your own files, each activity has instructions for how to make them.

[ Go to Curriculum Activities ]

Dragon DNA model

Sample interface from GenScope: Dragon DNA model

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