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What is the minimum configuration required to run GenScope?
We recommend a Macintosh computer (68K or PowerPC) with at least 4 Meg of free RAM (i.e., not counting what is required to run the system) and 3 Meg of available hard disk space. A color monitor, while not required, sure makes the dragons look nicer! GenScope does not run on the Windows operating system.

How many computers should I have?
We recommend one computer for every two students. By pairing the students up you will encourage them to talk to and bounce ideas off each other. In this way, we find, they will actually learn more than if they each had access to a computer.

Sample interface from GenScope:
Effect of ecological factors on the evolution of populations

[population menu] [population grid]

[Population Menu] Time > 14
Total > 104
Births > 104
Deaths > 54
Generation > 2

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This summer we ran four summer workshops called "Design-A-Dragon." Each ran 3 days, at various locations in New York and Massachusetts. Teacher participants learned the program, reviewed Mendelian genetics, and wrote activities for use with the program.

mini joyce s. Read Joyce's Journal and join workshop leader Joyce Schwartz as she looks back on her summer of travel, teaching, and learning. She shares not just memories, but cool classroom activities developed by participating teachers. Come on, click on those links especially if you already have GenScope and want to see what other people have done.

How have you used GenScope? Are there activities involving GenScope that you've incorporated into your teaching plans? Please use this area to share your experiences. We'd like to build a community of GenScope users that help each other with new ways to teach and learn.

Paul Horvitz in class

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