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vertical black line [it is a tool] We've worked closely with teachers and students in both middle and high schools over the past three years. Much of the work that the GenScope team has done working in local classrooms has been documented on videotape. We would like to present a few representative moments taken from these videotapes. A brief description of the content of each video is included on its web page.

The following video clips are in QuickTime format. If you don't already have QuickTime, it can be downloaded from the Apple Computer web site. Different formats and smaller clips will be made available in the next six months.

Please note that the estimated download times given below are for a 28.8 kbps modem connection:

"Early Lecture" movie (582K - Estimated download time: 5 minutes & 15 seconds)

"GenScope Activity" movie (1.1 Meg - Approximate download time: 9 minutes & 48 seconds)

"Later Lecture" movie (1.1 Meg - Approximate download time: 10 minutes & 40 seconds)

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