GenScope is no longer maintained or supported.
Visit Teaching Genetics with Dragons for our latest software.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: A modern version of Genscope is included with our Pedagogica Explorer software that works with Mac OS X and Windows, available from our software download center.

What's included:
  1. GenScope 1.1 (1 MB) Application
  2. Dragon Species files
  3. "Evolution" organism file - a new file that demonstrates the power of the improved population level
  4. Read Me file - We encourage you to look over the Read Me file before downloading the GenScope application. It contains valuable information about installation and scripts that accompany our software.
[ Download GenScope 1.1 now! ]

Additional Species Files:
In addition to the Dragon species files which comes with our software, GenScope includes files for humans, Labrador retriever color, horse color and simplified horse color. Users with previous version of GenSocope will be able to use older species files with GenScope 1.0.

  1. Human (256K)
  2. Labrador (96K)
  3. Horse (384K)
  4. Simple Horse (384K) - A version of the horse file that has only one visible gene, with two alleles. Useful for demonstrating a dominant-recessive pair in a non-dragon context.
System Requirements:
We recommend a Macintosh computer (68K or PowerPC) with at least 4 Meg of free RAM (i.e., not counting what is required to run the system) and 3 Meg of available hard disk space. A color monitor, while not required, sure makes the dragons look nicer!

GS disk image

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