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Research Details, Continued:

Reasoning Proficiency

The gain in Ms. F's comparison classroom (triangles) was a modest 0.83 logits 1; in contrast the gain in Ms. H's GenScope classroom that did not use the Dragon Investigations (squares) was an impressive 2.14 logits. Most impressively, the gain in the GenScope classroom that used the Dragon Investigations (circles) was 2.67 logits, the largest of any classroom in the study.

Given Ms. H's knowledge of the GenScope curriculum and her substantial education in the area, and continued refinements to the GenScope curriculum, this was one of the most successful implementations undertaken. Ms. H had become very familiar with the content covered in GenScope, and targeted in the NewWorm, when she worked as a graduate research assistant the year previous to the trial. However, this was also her first year as a teacher.

This implementation provided about as valid a comparison group as can be established in classroom-based research. Given the validity of the comparison pairing and close observations of the implementation, these results provide conclusive evidence that the GenScope learning environment is substantially more effective than the typical conventional learning environment that it would replaceat least in terms of the domain reasoning skills assessed with the NewWorm.

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[1] A "logit" is the logarithm of the ratio of the probability of getting an item right to the probability of getting it wrong.

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